Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On Points and Posts

Please create your blogs and make your initial posts. Introduce yourself to the class, muse about something astronomical, ask a dumb question and try to answer it. Whatever you do, start writing and then continue writing.

Blog posts will typically range from 1-3 points. Exceptional posts will receive 5 points. Here are some examples:

1-pointer (short, sweet, shows that I've been thinking about astronomy while eating my Froot Loops)
2-pointer (this might be a 3-pointer)
2-pointer (more if accompanied by writing. Don't get me wrong, though, I love this!)
3-pointer (this student is thinking about the day-to-day aspects of an astronomy career)
3-pointer (whoa, this student has been checking out astro-ph abstracts!)
5-pointer (straight out of Sky and Telescope! :)
5-pointer (AstroBites for the win!)

Points will be a bit subjective, but the Central Limit will likely prevail and wash out injustices whenever they may occur.

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